ZeroBounce Increases Email Validation Accuracy to Help Businesses Boost Email Marketing ROI

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ZeroBounce has increased the accuracy of its email validation service to help businesses build healthier email lists and boost email marketing ROI.

ZeroBounce now checks email addresses with a money-back guaranteed accuracy of 99%, up one point from 98%. Thus, marketers and business owners relying on email to get their messages across can maintain higher-quality email data. 

“Reaching this milestone is thrilling. Our team worked hard to fine-tune our email validation engine so we can offer our customers one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry,” says ZeroBounce Founder and CEO Liviu Tanase. “Our greatest satisfaction is seeing customers succeed with their email deliverability, and we keep pushing towards that goal – every day,” adds the entrepreneur.

ZeroBounce has just relaunched with a bevy of new features and improvements. Proactive about data protection since day one, ZeroBounce has further heightened its security protocols, attaining both SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications. Moreover, the new platform comes with a new, modern and intuitive design that’s even easier to use. 

The key to reaching the inbox and boosting email marketing ROI

Email marketing is effective – millions of businesses worldwide use email to keep in touch with customers, nurture leads and increase revenue. However, for emails to perform, they must arrive in people’s inboxes. It’s trickier than it seems, as building a good sender reputation takes time. 

“Your sender reputation is a score that Internet service providers use to determine your legitimacy as a sender and that of the emails you send. Everything you do as a sender – from the health of your email list to the engagement you receive – influences your sender score,” ZeroBounce’s CEO Liviu Tanase explains. 

For inbox providers, the sender score is an essential algorithm they use to gauge whether an email belongs in the inbox or in the spam folder. In some cases, where spam-like behavior is prevalent, emails do not get delivered at all. 

What causes email deliverability issues

When email metrics decline, it can be difficult to tell the reason. Sometimes, it could be the quality of the content and the fact that subscribers don’t resonate with it anymore. Oftentimes, though, metrics plummet because the emails are going to spam or not getting delivered. 

Some of the more common reasons are:

-  A bounce rate that exceeds 2%, which is the accepted industry benchmark.
-  Too many spam complaints. The accepted rate is 1 for every 1,000 emails.
-  The sender has been blacklisted. IP and domains are added to email blacklists every day for failing to abide by email marketing best practices. 

“Many customers come to us when their sender reputation suffers. It’s usually because of too many bounces, which is a clear sign that they haven’t validated their email database in a while. Ignoring email data decay can easily get senders blacklisted or blocked by their email service provider,” ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase explains. It happens even to legitimate senders, such as ZeroBounce customer Gene Massey of MediaShares. 

How email validation improves email marketing ROI

Entrepreneur Gene Massey, Founder and CEO of MediaShares, reached out to ZeroBounce when his email service provider blocked him from sending emails. The reason: his email list was outdated and constantly causing bounce backs. 

After he validated his email list, Massey told ZeroBounce, “we could send again and conversions improved markedly.” The entrepreneur continues to use the email validator to ensure his bounce rate stays under 2% and that his sender score remains high. Thus, he can continue to land in the inbox and get consistent ROI from the emails he sends.

How to further boost email deliverability

For anyone sending mass emails, ZeroBounce offers an entire suite of email deliverability tools. Aside from the email validator, the platform provides email server testing, inbox testing and blacklist monitoring. These tools help more than 200,000 businesses worldwide – including Amazon, Netflix and Disney – land emails in the inbox and increase ROI. What’s more, ZeroBounce helps fine-tune segmentation with the Activity Data tool. Activity Data pinpoints subscribers who have engaged with their inboxes in the past 30 days to a year. Senders can target these active subscribers with dedicated campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

All ZeroBounce account holders can validate 100 email addresses free, every month. 

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