Etiquette Etiquette Business Consulting Group Launches Services to Teach Corporate America the Standard of Acceptable Behavior

(PRUnderground) September 9th, 2021

Founded by Karene A. Putney, Etiquette Etiquette announces their new consulting services. The company will now provide instruction for organizations and corporate entities that aim to adhere to a higher standard of professional conduct.

Business professionals interact in unique spaces. How representatives interact can affect their company’s bottom line. It is to their advantage to acquire specific skills to manage foreign and domestic interpersonal relationships appropriately. While other business executives arrive uncertain, in uncharted territory, awkwardly wondering where they fit in. Etiquette Etiquette trains corporate teams to make the most of this opportunity. They know what to expect and arrive prepared to engage with a protocol and plan of action.

First impressions are everything. Personal appearance, eye contact, smile, tone of voice, mannerisms, and demeanor are all assessed well before any determinations are made about a company’s product or service. While polished business attire, dining etiquette, and courtesy are characteristic of professionalism, traditional etiquette served to ensure others feel comfortable in our presence. For today’s ever-evolving global marketplace, Etiquette Etiquette offers niche instruction that provides business professionals with skills that enable them to interact and engage comfortably in any setting.

Corporate America was once white male-dominated, with all others conforming in hopes of being able to permeate this biased space. Thanks to an evolution of Diversity and Inclusion, professional spaces are now populated with more women and individuals of other gender identifications, as well as a spectrum of ethnicities, cultures, religions, nationalities, disabilities, sexual orientation, body types, ages, and backgrounds. Remember to respect each in the space they occupy, as an individual, employee, and as a consumer. Failure to do so could inadvertently offend part of your company’s target audience.

Corporate entities within the United States must adhere to EEOC compliance, however they set their own standards for any outward facing engagement. Through trial and error, they create their branding, marketing campaigns, and Social Media promotion, risking embarrassment. Making mistakes along the way, they modify their process accordingly, sometimes after offending their customer base and having impacted earnings. 

International business operations present a different challenge, in that each corporate representative becomes a cultural ambassador. Those companies that wish to remain competitive gain an advantage, comfortably being able to navigate in any space in a manner that reflects their brand. These companies benefit from specialized training in etiquette, interpersonal communication, and social interaction.

Etiquette Etiquette consulting offers intensive training that can protect against insult and embarrassment in diplomacy, offset implicit bias, alleviate cultural distrust, help forge or improve both national and international relationships, help amplify your company’s business network, and better position your brand in the marketplace. Moreover, as the rules of professional behavior are ever evolving, Etiquette Etiquette commits to ensuring your organization leaves a great lasting impression and meets the challenges of the times with an expanded curriculum that now covers the following:

 – Responsible personal and professional Social Media management and engagement

 – Appropriate workplace interaction in the #MeToo Era

 – Courtesy and Social Distancing in the aftermath of COVID-19

 – Greeting customs, gestures, and mannerisms now considered acceptable around the world

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CEO and founder Karene Putney was trained and licensed by The Protocol School of Washington® and offers seminars in business etiquette, dining and protocol. We welcomes the opportunity to offer full-day and half-day seminars, complete with instruction manuals. Online – On-site and Off-site Training options available. Visit the website or contact by email to

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About Etiquette Etiquette Business Consulting Group

Etiquette Etiquette CEO and founder Karene A. Putney is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington®. A business etiquette trainer and consultant in intercultural etiquette and protocol, she is registered with The National Speakers Association, NSA–DC Speaker Academy. Karene provides an international protocol, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette, business dining, and image training that prepares professionals with the critical awareness necessary to build lasting business relationships. The above is achieved by providing curriculums that entail in-class and out-class training that matches individual professional needs.

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