Keka: A Pioneer in the SME HR World

The journey of Keka, today's leading player in the HR ecosystem, had a humble beginning transforming itself to the most effective HR automation software ever!

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, May 13, 2021 / -- Keka, today's stalwart of the HR world, grew out of the founders' own quest for dependable and effective HR automation software for their software services business. It was designed to encourage businesses to put the mundane and boring administrative tasks of the workplace to rest.

Keka focused on the basic aspects of bridging the holes in a conventional HRMS structure and focused on the client's needs as a bootstrapped start-up. Unlike other cliché HR tech companies, Keka prioritized developing an intuitive framework that would streamline the entire HR process and automate the mundane tasks, rather than concentrating solely on sales. HR professionals now have more time to focus on strategic issues rather than routine tasks. This strategy has helped to distinguish Keka from the competition.

The Rollercoaster Ride

Keka has a keen understanding of the complexities that come with products and the industry in general, as well as the sharpness and expertise needed to tackle it thoroughly. It has had a profound effect on the IT services industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, professional service organizations, consultancies, accounting firms, taxes, and a variety of other industries, causing businesses to optimize themselves.

This journey, however, was not as simple as it seems. Keka, like every other company, encountered its fair share of roadblocks.

Working in a startup ecosystem entails people who are passionate about their work and have a constant desire to improve. One of Keka's most difficult challenges was finding the right people who were self-motivated and eager to work.

Every company has the potential to expand, but this can only happen if the employees are invested and passionate about their work. Only a dedicated employee can increase a company's productivity, and Keka understands this. Hence, they treat employee engagement as a critical function!

Many businesses do not pay more attention to their clients after the closure of a deal. Keka is unique in this regard as well, as they pursued a strategy of developing a deep relationship with their clients in order to configure their true needs while also improving their product to make it more responsive to consumer demands.

They also faced a hard time when there was havoc in the world due to the pandemic in 2020. It reduced the company's inflow of new customers, while existing clients laid off 30-35 percent of their workforce, directly affecting Keka's revenue.

Keka lost 60-70 percent of its annual sales due to a lack of new customers. However, it was Keka's belief in the market's resurgence that prompted it to resort to the market. Keka took off the flight to spend even more in core operations, despite no indication of the graph charting an increase in sales, thanks to a leap of faith based on years of experience and a good instinct of landing safely on their feet.

Within three months, things began to improve, and while the months of April-June were the worst for Keka, July proved to be a blockbuster. Despite the fact that growth was stagnant in mid-2020, the company demonstrated firm confidence and a desire to double the customer rate by improving the core product and enlisting the support of the sales team to help them navigate this challenging route.

Despite the fact that their first few years in the Indian SaaS market saw a 400 percent rise in the number of customers, the company did not stop developing new products in order to continue to excel. The following years were spent fine-tuning the product, which aided the company in improving the HR software pricing model.

Road to the Future

Its perception of the SME sector has aided in the development of its own expertise. Keka believes that their customers contributed to the product's maturation, allowing it to become a complete and profitable piece of software.

Keka hasn't looked back since then, from the conception of the idea to its current position as one of India's leading HR software. They began as a fundamental HR and payroll software and have since expanded to provide solutions from hire to retire. They have succeeded in becoming the best Employee Experience Platform by leaving no stone unturned on the journey with the team!

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