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California, United States Apr 8, 2021 ( - Residra California is a company registered in the State of California with an aim to start selling Home Appliances such as Dehumidifiers, Refrigerators, and Air Conditioners. It also aims to enter the Women's Clothing industry by 2022. Residra will target customers based in the United States of America and India.

Ted E Toleran is the official partner for the brand registered in the states. He aims to starts with the marketing of Dehumidifiers and then will proceed with other Home Appliances. Residra California is registered on paper on December 8, 2021. The company aims at providing the best of products and services to its customers as well as business partners at effective prices and to be one of the most respected home appliances dealers in the electronics industry. Mr. Ted E Toleran, founder of RESIDRA CALIFORNIA says, "We want to become one of the largest distributors of smart home appliances in the United States of America & India. To achieve that, we are opting for effective business strategies to stand out in the crowd. We strongly believe that the growth of the company will depend on how we take care of the personal benefits of the customers. We greatly prioritize the customers' satisfaction and for that, we will offer a 2-year warranty on our products."

The company's aim with the new launch in India & United States is to capture the requirement of the mass based on climatic factors which work as an advantage. Dehumidifiers, Air conditioners, and Refrigerators, and their marketing scopes in India are expected to grow exponentially with the advent of the summers. Humidity is the main concern in this region and climate take a main part in each other lifestyle. Introducing a Premium Brand will give them the option to accept them in their Lifestyle. Residra has done extensive market research before the launch based on demographics. The company is set to capture the attention of the Indian and American markets as dehumidifiers are becoming more and more popular among the mass.

A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance that helps in maintaining the level of humidity in the air. This has various health and comfort benefits by eliminating bad odor and by preventing the growth of mildew. The technology works by extracting water from the air thus making it clean and breathable. They are used both in residential and commercial setups. Residra's idea is to expose the mass to the benefits of a dehumidifier as well as that of air conditioners and refrigerators in the daily course of life. The air that we breathe contains various harmful allergens that may cause various physiological issues if exposed for a long. To make consumers aware of the importance of fresh air, the company is building a market that would soon pave the way for new opportunities.

Residra aims to target the premium segment as its customer that will further expand the popularity and significance of home appliances in the daily course of life. Aiming at providing its customers with the best lifestyle practices; they are thriving to create an industry that would change the overall perspective of living in clean environments. To know more about your prospects, visit their official website at

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