Ambertime Blockchain Technology Platform Assists Philippines CEZA Government in Creating Digital Special Economic Zone Digital Citizens

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The Apsaras Group will work with the CEZA Economic Zone Government to build the CEZA Digital Special Economic Zone Government with Ambertime blockchain technology, so as to promote the opening of public data and the sharing of basic data resources across departments and regions.

Among them, priority is given to promoting the opening of data in the fields of corporate credit, transportation, medical care, etc., and researching and developing the roadmap for the development of enterprise data, and establishing and improving a fault-tolerant mechanism. It is also important to promote digital ID citizenship programs, digital registration of offshore companies, and other intelligent cities based on blockchain technology.

Develop a digital citizens program to open a new era of digital life.

The digital government will jointly develop in many fields in the future, which will accelerate the digital development of various industry sectors. The digitization of the industry will drive the overall productivity of the government, which is a virtuous circle. AMT is priority to help the Philippine government promote corporate credit, transportation, and medical fields, as a new starting point for creating a digital Special Economic Zone. The application of Ambertime blockchain technology will also bring new changes to various fields.

The foundation of the market economy is credit, and the characteristics of blockchain technology are decentralized, data-transparent and non-tamperable, which greatly reduces the risk of transactions and solves the credit problem of traditional corporate. Information coverage has been expanded by incorporating micro-credit behaviors such as consumption data, community data, and travel data into credit rating. Encrypting the voucher contract in the transaction not only ensures the authenticity of the data, but also saves a lot of time as well as improves the efficiency of value exchange.

For example, the Ambertime blockchain technology platform creates integrated transportation system that achieves synergies in areas such as freight logistics, intelligent transportation, and transaction services. Project participation through data sharing can further improve the road big data construction system, perfect road safety, alleviate traffic congestion, reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, promote the energy efficiency of transportation systems, strengthen the integration of traffic information, and better coordinate with traffic management and monitoring.

Ambertime blockchain technology platform creates a digital life

Ambertime will create an AMT digital citizenship program in the CEZA Economic Zone in Philippines, creating a personal ID, and the digital signature is irreplaceable. AMT is connected to different areas of blockchain, and digital citizens can engage in a variety of activities, such as investment, socializing, traveling, and education. The availability of applications spreads out all aspects of life, making traditional lifestyles more efficient and convenient, such as online rate payment, online voting, online medical appointment and so on. AMT provides a reliable and encrypted user information storage and identification system. Based on the unchangeable characteristic of blockchain data, the possibility of information leakage and information theft is eliminated, and personal privacy is unprecedentedly strengthened.

With the development of blockchain applications created by AMT and the promotion of the digital citizen program, it is foreseeable that digital citizens will become labels that break the country, culture, geography and ethnicity boundary in the future. With the help of digital IDs, citizens can enjoy all services within the blockchain link, global education, traveling, banking, etc.

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