MoistTech Offers Near-Infrared Technology to Measure Moisture Content and Improve Plant Efficiency

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, USA, March 1, 2021 / -- Sarasota, Florida – (February 2021)

Moisture and wood fuel biomass are vital to each other for minimizing cost, proper operation of biomass boilers and genuine fuel load assessment. Near-infrared (NIR) technology is a great non-contact way to measure moisture content, immediately improving the product and overall efficiency of the plant.

1. Minimize Costs – Minimizing costs is a top priority for producers and thoroughly evaluating methods of reducing waste can reduce wasted efforts, wasted product, and wasted energy. Moisture control provides immediate results in reduced transportation costs stemming from excess water, less wear and tear on equipment from ash and dust buildup and prevents blockages on the conveyor which results in shutting down the boiler. When it comes to challenges faced by plant operators, moisture detection and control is one of the most crucial steps. If there is no current method of moisture measurement in the production process, a large opportunity for increased efficiencies is being missed.

2. Implement Lean Procedures – Knowing where improvements can be made and implementing increasingly lean operating procedures creates immediate process line results. Introducing lean manufacturing principles can allow the operating personnel to hone-in on best practices and top product quality. With implemented moisture monitoring, processing, and manufacturing, plants can produce large savings in little time. Wood fuel is purchased based off weight, which is very susceptible to moisture changes, making it critical in product energy savings. High moisture content of incoming fuel results in overpaying for wood fuel as well as increased energy for dryer operation.

3. Increase Productivity – Do you currently have the ability to consistently measure 100% of the product being produced? Installing NIR moisture sensors throughout the process makes this easily achievable. Proactive, immediate adjustments are easily made to ensure optimal manufacturing by line personnel while monitoring the process anywhere in the facility. Maximizing automation and increasing reliability through reducing costs is a major significance for operating personnel and easily achieved through moisture monitoring. Moisture ranges outside of tolerance can unravel important facets of the production process. Each phase of the manufacturing process runs more efficiently with accurate moisture content and provides increasing profits. Identifying and using the best methods can lessen common problems: warping, claims, checks and excessive transportation costs.

4. Proactive Avoidance – Moisture control technology in pellet plant operations is a crucial implementation in providing a proactive avoidance of quality control issues. Too dry of a product can result in over-drying, causing a dusty, ambient environment that can result in a fire. Moisture control systems can not only provide immediate cost savings and product quality, but severely impact the safety of the plant as well. Pellet plants often see dry conditions that can create sparks and other fire-causing issues; implementing a system to measure moisture in multiple points of the production process can greatly reduce this risk.

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MoistTech Corp. is the world leader in Moisture Measurement & Control utilizing Near-Infrared state-of-the-art technology to develop world class sensors. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size and material height/color, the sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with no maintenance, a one-time calibration with a non-contact, non-drift optical design allowing for immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements.

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