Sun Fire Defense Provides Fire Protection When Tested, Proves to be Californian's Secret Weapon Against Fire Season

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / -- For Californians, fire preparations take place year-round. Homeowners want to be sure that they are doing all they can to protect their properties and buy themselves precious time in the event of a wildfire. On the minds of homeowners is what products to trust when they are looking for solutions to give their home a fighting chance with proper fire protection and mitigation. Sun Fire Defense doesn’t believe in any one solution, rather comprehensive solutions that can protect the surfaces, windows, propane tanks and perimeter.

Jim Moseley founded Sun Fire Defense in 2014. His goal was to provide the highest quality fire protection products and services on the market. Sun Fire Defense offers a variety of services and products to support fire prevention. Jim started working with some of the greatest minds in the areas of aerospace and wildland firefighting. Together, they have created materials that could insulate against heat and flames at the most extreme temperatures. The technology can be used in both residential and commercial applications. A major private aerospace company has already taken advantage of the technology of the heat protection insulation and has used it on their rocket stands to keep them from melting during testing. Their core product coating can be sprayed on surfaces that need protection. It dries clear, contains inhibitors effective against rot/mold/mildew and termites, prevents ignition and spread of fire on treated surfaces, and the fire protection lasts years from just a single application.

The home protection process is comprehensive and efficient. It includes pressure washing to remove dirt and debris from structures, the spraying of the intumescent coating, cleanup, and any other fire prevention measures including vent upgrades, deck enclosures or window treatments. The Sun FireShield fabric is a durable aerospace insulation that does not burn and can withstand heat well over 3,000F.

It creates no smoke or fumes when hit by flames, which can be used to secure windows, attic vents, structural openings. The Sun FireShield fabric has also been used to cover utility poles to prevent fires started by lightning strikes and has been adapted for use in rocket stand wraps by a major private aerospace company. On the company’s website, they have included several test results and customer testimonials of real-world results where Sun Fire defense’s products have delivered Fire Protection. In a recent test at a major utility company, a small structure was constructed, resembling a tiny home, and half of it was treated with Sun Fire Defense’s high temperature coating. The half of the structure that was sprayed with the coating sustains minor charring while the untreated side is completely destroyed. The structure sat between two utility poles which were also treated with Sun Fire’s coating, and they too sustained no damage during the experiment.

The results show that Sun Fire Defense’s coating will significantly reduce and at times completely eliminate fire damage. Another innovative characteristic of the coating compared to other intumescent coatings is that when it comes into contact with flames or radiant heat, Sun Fires does not expand in the same manner as intumescent paints, leaving a rigid, protective barrier that discolors the surface and creates a laborious and costly effort when removing intumescent coatings. Intumescent paints can also be triggered at temperatures around 180 °F, far below what most surfaces would need to burn. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to replace the beam or intumescence-treated surface after flame or radiant heat has caused the expansion.

Sun Fire’s product contains a nano ceramic powder which expands, cutting off means of oxygen and therefore self-extinguishing. As heat dissipates, the ceramic contracts to its original form, allowing surfaces like wood to again breathe, which is critical to wood surfaces. The present invention also significantly reduces the volume of smoke, flames and fumes associated with fires. An additional benefit of this invention is that it acts as a natural rot and termite inhibitor when used on wood.

The Department of Energy, along with the Bonneville Power Administration, also performed a lightning strike simulation test on a utility pole treated with Sun Fire Defense's intumescent coating. The wood utility pole, the type most commonly used by utility companies, self-extinguished within 10 seconds. This is significant because according to the U.S. Forest Service's wildfire database, 44 percent of wildfires across the Western United States were triggered by lightning, but those were responsible for 71 percent of the area burned between 1992 and 2015, the most recent data available. Therefore, Sun Fire Defense’s ability to reduce the number of fires started this way can have vast and profoundly positive impacts on neighborhoods across California, the United States and even around the world. Sun Fire Defense’s most notable success was during a recent wildfire when it helped save a Malibu home. The company coated the home with a protective agent that both prevents ignition and prevents the spread of the fire on treated surfaces. The coating is clear, does not compromise the integrity of the house and lasts for years. As the fire ravaged the neighborhood, their Sun Fire Defense treated home remained, while 18 surrounding homes were turned into piles of ash and rubble.

Sun Fire Defense has been credited with helping save no less than 4 homes that would have otherwise been total loses in recent wildfires. Another application where the incredible science and technology of Sun Fire Defense’s products was put to use was in a series of recent rocket launch tests by one of the top 3 contending private space travel companies in the world. Sun Fire Defense developed a specially layered wrap that protected the steel s rocket stands from five minutes of exposure to temperatures close to 6,000 degrees and 70,000 feet of thrust. Sun Fire Defense was able to protect these costly structures from excessive heat and thrust exposure.

When homeowners try to add a protective layer to their fire protection strategy, this same product turns out to be a valuable part of the equation. It adds critical protection to the windows and keeping them from blowing out. Jim Moseley, founder and CEO of Sun Fire Defense, is a highly respected businessman who has built a successful career on passion and innovation. Jim is a knowledge-seeker and creative free spirit who is the type of courageous and innovative entrepreneur who is not afraid to bring about significant change in the world. He then embarked on a successful music career, appearing and producing with music legends such as Frank Sinatra and Frank Sinatra Jr., Roger Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. He was also a founding member and principal trombonist of the Crystal Cathedral Symphony Orchestra. While some might choose to pursue a passion for music while setting aside their entrepreneurial dreams, Jim was honored by President Reagan as one of America’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30 by the Young Entrepreneurs Organization, now globally called EO for his achievements with his insurance company.

As a Californian, Jim has always cared about wildfire safety. When he was able to collaborate with wildland firefighting and aerospace experts, he jumped at the opportunity to create survival shelters that provide more protection and survivability for firefighters and utility companies that have to service utility poles in wildfire areas. That quickly evolved into the innovation of heat-resistant materials. Sun Fire Defense has continued to create breakthrough products that have won awards for their fire stopping abilities.

James Moseley founded Sun Fire Defense out of a passion to protect. He began working with great minds in aerospace and wildland firefighting to create fire shelters which evolved into materials that could insulate against heat, flames, and extreme temperatures.

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