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Edufex delivers a secure platform of e-learning and removes all the restrictions to provide users a trustful, qualitative, geographic, and linguistic barrier-free source of e-learning.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Dec 25, 2020 ( - CoVID-19 has really broken the ground in the traditional education system. In almost one year, every professional is out of their campus. But, the remarkable point is that the teaching-learning process has not stopped. Today, e-learning platforms have become very popular.

However, the security of information about you, as well as the quality of educators in many of those platforms, have raised questions. And to eliminate that crisis, Blockchain Technology has stepped forward to seek solutions; and many platforms have adopted that very well to enhance the global-knowledge flow. Edufex is the leading organization to offer a viable solution to the problem of poor quality and high cost the post-secondary education is facing right now by using blockchain-based learning management systems. It can be noted that Blockchain technology in EdTech is going to cross a value of $331 billion by 2025.


Why Blockchain Technology Becomes Necessary for e-Learning?

In online education without blockchain, security isn't taken seriously by employers due to the perceived lack of oversight and credibility. You know many can buy fake certificates and 'qualifications' on the dark web for peanuts, so it's no wonder that employers are cautious. Blockchain-based Edtech will allow employers to scrutinize qualifications using its verifiable certificates.

Thus, it will transform education into something far more democratic. Irrespective of location and background, superior quality teaching and tuition will be available for all and Edufex is one of the key performers. We all know Blockchain Technology is very expensive in the present market, and Edufex is one of the organizations that invest a huge amount to our blockchain integrated platform to keep everything safe and straightforward to use for its users only. The platform is backed by Tron-based smart contracts, which simplifies all the agreements between students and professors.

With the implementation of the BlockChain Technology, management of student housing, transportation, and other necessities may become unnecessary.  The transparency of the entire system and the ease of payments are the key competitive advantages of this platform.


Why can Edufex be The Best e-Learning Platform?

To transform the EdTech industry and make its global knowledge more democratic by using Blockchain technology, so many companies have taken their initiatives, of which Edufex is a leading organization. It'll provide a cloud-based secure way for learning and certification. Edufex transfers all the information about the student and professor's account in the form of blocks. Blockchain is not a computer file that can be hacked or pirated, rather it is highly secure and hacking is more than a Herculean task. So, every bit of information about you is super-safe within the electronic wallet.

Edufex will connect teachers and students directly without any intermediary to either supply the study material or collect the tuition fees. Edufex is designed to deliver a tailor-made teaching-learning experience to give a scope to every individual for doing something extraordinary. Edufex has a highly organized team of experienced and wise teachers to conduct live sessions and video tutorials in a systematic manner.

Schools and colleges that get on board with Edufex will no longer have to track and monitor data relating to extra tuition and support for students. Edufex will handle all of these with an extra level of accuracy and added relaxation.

Students and educators can earn tokens on completion of courses. This is particularly designed to keep both the students and teachers motivated. Earning of these tokens from the Edufex platform can be converted into cash at the same time or after a gap when the token conversion rate increases.

With Edufex, every citizen of the globe can access global knowledge and world-class teaching and tuition at an affordable price. Edufex is taking the step to remove all the restrictions to provide users a trustful, qualitative, geographic, and linguistic barrier-free source of e-learning.


Special Joining Offer at Edufex:

To purchase the course on our platform, transactions will be made with the native "Edufex Token" to facilitate international payments. Anyone can purchase it on the company's official site;

Students can make the payment with the currency of their choice. Each student will get one cryptocurrency Edufex Token globally and utilize it to purchase their desired courses.


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Worringer Stasse 52, 40211, Dusseldorf, Germany

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