Simpleway announces new improved sanitary dispenser kits for the UK market

Their convenient and shop-friendly dispenser kit will be contactless, providing better hand hygiene in high-traffic areas.

LONDON, UK, August 14, 2020 / -- Regular handwashing and good hygiene have always been an important element of our lifestyles. In more recent months these actions have somewhat taken a more prominent role in our society, going from individual hygiene and safety – to widespread awareness to maintain proper cleanliness during daily routines and being out and about in the city.

Simpleway, a company dedicated to smart and safe handwashing sanitizers have recently brought to stage the Simpleway Black-Tech automatic soap dispenser. Their leap into the industry comes after many months of designing and constructing a soap dispenser kit which can withhold high volumes of users. The need for better and more versatile hygiene equipment has meant that many similar companies are rethinking traditional soap tools – making dispenser kits more user-friendly, contact-free, and above all, more sanitary.

The Simpleway soap dispenser kit can easily replace ordinary equipment as it has been designed to replace high alcohol-based hand sanitizers and old foamy soap dispensers. These ‘hygiene stations’ have become a customary piece in restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, offices, schools, and public transportation hubs. The race to help slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus has brought new inventions and the modernization of public places to centerstage.

The simple dispenser kit has been designed to easily blend into any type of environment, with its industrial design and clean-cut edges – this compact dispenser is only 173mm in height. More so, the contact-free dispenser holds a 300ml soap bottle which can be used more than 440 times, helping keep multiple hands clean for up to 55 days on a single delivery. Additionally, it uses standard No. 5 batteries and will last up to 8 months if switched onto standby mode.

Some may be hesitant, as it may look and act as a similar-like dispenser that’s already on the market, it is good to know that the Simpleway uses a built-in near-field sensor and a micro-foam pump mechanism that can easily detect hand movement – taking only 0.25 seconds to dispense a pre-determined amount of hand sanitizer.

A perfect balance between gas and liquid foam, around a 12:1 ration, is dispensed every time. In recent months, many have complained and shared a negative opinion about the harsh chemicals being used in alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The Simpleway dispenser chooses the amino acid surfactant certified by the European Union COSMOS. The product will still kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs, but in doing so is made up of natural raw materials such as coconut oil extracts, leaving hands moisturized and sterile.

With added glycerin and other natural by-products, the hand sanitizer used makes it possible for hands to feel less dry, with no obvious sticky feeling after washing your hands. The Simpleway product range is designed to be incorporated in any setting, with elegant design and functionality, the company manages to answer the need for a more high-end dispenser kit.

In the efforts to make life more convenient, yet safe, many businesses are implementing stricter hygiene protocols, but as with many individual traits, a proper and well-maintained routine can only start from home. Simpleway has marketed its product for both commercial and private home use. A current selection of the Simpleway dispenser kits is ready to be launched within the coming weeks.

With the market already flooded with similar-like products and dispenser kits, the company is looking to suit the needs of both high-end clients, but also design a product which won't become an eyesore for customers and shop owners.

The current global pandemic has pushed many governments to urge citizens to practice proper and effective hygiene and incorporate it into their daily routine. In doing so, the public has managed to let infection numbers decrease at a much faster pace than anticipated. Innovative and new functional products such as the Simpleway are making the process of recovery somewhat easier.

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